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    Our Team

    Steven Mattes

    (818) 508-7034 ext 203

    Steven Mattes is CEO and President of Industrial Assets Corporation, the world’s largest privately held asset management, disposition, turn over and repurposing firm. Under Mr. Mattes’ leadership, Industrial Assets Corporation is the established source for complete plant purchases, plant remediation, turnkey sales, continued operations management, distressed financing and equipment value maximization.

    Mr. Mattes leads the industry with an established track record of successful asset acquisition, operation and disposition projects, grossing over 5 billion dollars over his 35-year tenure. He has during this time, also evolved the umbrella of IAC’s companies into relationship-based, technology and data driven, multifaceted and forward-thinking companies. He has created cultures driven toward innovation and developed industry wide practices to stay ahead of the exponentially developing technological world.

    Rick Kruger

    (323) 587-1887

    Rick began his career in 1982 working for various machinery companies throughout the United States. Holding positions beginning in machinery sales, advancing to Vice President and now President at IA Machinery, Rick's expertise includes metal working, fabricating, chip-making, wood working and plastics equipment/production lines. Rick has grown 2 successful machinery companies from the ground up and is a true resource of information for the Machinery World.